The CDESU caters to the needs of CLSU students and graduates to make them more globally competitive and productive. It provides employment counseling, career guidance, values development activities and other related pre-employment activities. It also provides placement services to graduates through its linkages with private, government, local and foreign agencies.


Career Development

This aims to provide career counseling, career guidance, career testing and career development training to students from first year to fourth year through coordination with the Guidance Services Unit (i.e. Career Orientation Program). It conducts enhancement/skills training for students and job seekers and provides pre-employment skills training and activities to students in preparation for employment such as Jobs Clinic, Pre-employment Seminar, and Pre-employment Testing

Employment Assistance/Placement Services

This involves exploration of employment options for students and graduates, whether part-time, internship, apprenticeship, permanent employment or self-employment. This also provides information about employment trends, establish internal or external linkages to government agencies, private companies, and other offices and coordinate with embassies for foreign employment of graduates. The activities include Job Fair, Job Listing, Job Opportunities advertisement, campus recruitment, internet links and MOA signing with government agencies such as DOLE and the like. CDESU also serves as the university’s base for the Philippine Employment Services Office (PESO).

Career Counseling

Through the CDESU’s coordination with the Guidance Services Unit, the Career Counseling service is extended not only to the first year students via programs like Career Orientation but also to the CLSU graduates. They are given Career Testing and interpretation done in group or individual basis.

Follow-up/Survey of Graduates

This includes monitoring of employment status of CLSU graduates for employment assistance. This aims to keep an updated list of graduates and their employment and to inform graduates about job opportunities.

Career Development and Employment Services Unit