This unit provides programs and activities that aim at helping students adjust to college life by helping them understand themselves better, improve interpersonal relationship, make intelligent decisions and prepare for a lifelong career. It provides information to enable the students to explore occupational areas and to identify prospects for employment.


Information and Inventory Service

The information and inventory service aims to equip students with vital information to help them adjust to their environment and make intelligent decisions. Information regarding university policies, programs, services and facilities are provided through the annual opening exercises, freshmen orientation program, dormitory visitations and distribution of college survival kit or brochures.

All entry freshmen accomplish the Individual Information Sheet (Guidance Form I) as part of the inventory service. It provides the profile of all freshmen.

Counseling Service

The heart of the guidance program, the Counseling Service aims to help each individual understand himself better in order to cope with the stresses of life, make sound decisions and life goals, and achieve self-direction. Students are assisted through individual personal counseling, individual career counseling, and group counseling. Residence hall counseling is also provided where counselors visit dormitories at specified schedules.

Testing Service

The testing service aims to help the students discover their capabilities and limitations (e.g., aptitudes, interests, and personality) to enable them to know themselves better and make wise career decisions. Aside from psychological tests, students also accomplish Problem Checklists which serve as basis for individual counseling. Psychological tests are also used for purposes of career counseling and job placement.

Group Guidance/Learning Assistance Program

This program aims to assist groups of students with common problems/needs in order to facilitate their adjustment to college life. The group guidance program implements Pep Talks and Small Group Fora on relevant topics such as “How to Study Effectively”, “Love, Courtship and Marriage” and the like.

Under the Learning Assistance Program, group tutorial sessions on subjects such as Math, Chemistry, etc. are conducted in coordination with student organizations. University-wide symposia and convocations on topics such as Drug Abuse Prevention and Control are also conducted. In coordination with CDESU, Career Days and Career Orientation for Freshmen are also conducted to assist the students in making career decisions.

Human Resource Development Program

The objective of this program is to harness the potentials and sharpen the skills of students and staff through sensitivity and leadership trainings. Group process activities that focus on self-growth, social effectiveness, and leadership/management are implemented for student assistants, peer counselors and student leaders. Skills Enhancement Trainings are also conducted for College Guidance Coordinators, faculty advisers, dormitory personnel and OSA counselors in coordination with the other service units. Request for leadership training and other HRD activities from outside agencies are likewise considered by the GSU.

Financial Assistance Program

To assist students in their financial needs is the concern of this program. This is carried out through the Student Emergency Loan Fund (SELF) and the Student Registration Loan Fund (SRLF). The SELF program loans out cash to students for their emergency needs at a very minimal interest rate. Under the SRLF, students can enroll without cash by loaning the assessed amount. Both loans are payable within the semester.

The GSU of OSA works closely with the College Guidance Coordinators (CGC) and the peer counselors in the implementation of its programs.