The ISSU extends assistance to foreign students in order to minimize potential problems that may arise especially during their adjustment period in the Philippines, in general, and in the CLSU campus, in particular. The ISSU, in coordination with the other OSA units, provides services such as orientation, housing, guidance and counseling, and socio-cultural enrichment. It also extends assistance in liaising between foreign students and the different government offices in securing visa, study permit and others.


Liaising Service

The unit coordinates and maintains linkages with the Commission on Higher Education, Department of Foreign Affairs, Bureau of Immigration and Deportation and embassies of various nations with student enrolees in CLSU to facilitate approval of visa extension/renewal and study permit.

Counseling Service

Basic guidance services specifically psychological testing and individual counseling are given to enable students to cope with demands related to their academic, social and emotional life.

Information Service

This unit provides adequate information about the host country, its cultural heritage, and its people to enable foreigners to learn more about CLSU and the Philippines through cross-cultural orientation, video presentations and printed information materials.

Recreation/Social/Cultural Service

The unit provides sufficient exposure to the socio-cultural activities of the host country and other foreign groups in CLSU. Foreign students can showcase the diversity of their culture to their fellow students through holding of international fair, cooking demonstration and other activities. Sports festivals and educational tours are likewise initiated.