The Office of Student Affairs is headed by the Dean of Students who spearheads and coordinates the activities and services provided by the office. The dean is assisted by the heads of the different units and the secretary.

The Dean of Students is designated by the University President to coordinate the operation of units or departments in charge of student personnel services. Specifically, the functions of the Dean of Students are as follows:

  1. Directs planning, implementation and evaluation of program of activities in training and developing leadership potentials of each student; and,
  2. Coordinates with other university programs and/or related agencies to enhance inter-program/agency complementation and maximization of available resources through a functional management information system.

The Dean of Students reports directly to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. At the same time, the dean also works with the Director for Auxiliary Services and the Vice President for Administration on matters pertaining to student housing and dormitories.

At present, the OSA is manned by 45 staff members, ten of whom are holding faculty items. See Figure 1 for the organizational chart of OSA.