The RSCU provides activities designed for the wise use of leisure time, development of personality, self-confidence, sportsmanship, and social as well as cultural growth of students.


Recreational Activities and Facilities

Recreational facilities such as basketball, volleyball and indoor games like chess, games of the general, scrabble, and table tennis are provided to CLSU students subject to the availability of funds.

Recreational activities such as Basketball and Volleyball Night League, Chess Tournament, and Indoor Games Competition are conducted for sports enthusiasts. The expenses are charged against the RSCU fund collected from students every semester.

A Fitness Program is scheduled every semester for students, faculty and staff to increase awareness and emphasize the importance of staying physically healthy.

Social Services

The different performing groups are available for social services, such as intermission or special numbers, upon approval of concerned authorities. The search for Mr. and Ms. CLSU, a much-awaited social event in the CLSU calendar, is held annually.

The OSA-Cultural and Multipurpose Halls are available for social functions subject to the approval of concerned authorities and the conformity of the requesting party to comply with the existing regulations.

Cultural Services and Programs

RSCU provides cultural activities that will uplift the cultural awareness and appreciation to the arts of the CLSU students and the community. These include cultural shows such as variety shows, dance concerts, drama and theatrical presentations, musical and writing contests.

The CLSU cultural/performing groups, under the OSA-RSCU, such as the Student Cultural Society Dance Troupe (SCSDT), Tanghalang Gagalaw sa CLSU (TAGA-CLSU), and the CLSU Koro, accept members upon passing the audition held separately by each group.

Talented students are encouraged to apply for membership in the different performing groups. The university provides scholarship to the members of the performing groups. They shall be entitled to full or partial scholarship depending on the evaluation of their performance, attendance to trainings and work attitude during the previous semester. Likewise, they shall be entitled to free dormitory fee.

Workshops and rehearsals are done regularly for all performing artists/groups in preparation for cultural presentations within and outside the university. Facilities for cultural presentation or activities such as costumes and props are available upon request subject to the approval by concerned authorities and conformity of the requesting party to prescribed regulations.