The SHU provides and manages activities and services to inculcate good habits, attitudes, values of healthful living, efficient home management, good social relationship, and responsiveness among students and trainees.

At present, the university has twenty two (22) dormitories: nine (9) for male undergraduate students which can accommodate 647 residents per semester, eight (8) dormitories for females which can accommodate 1,034 residents and a co-ed dormitory which can accommodate 112 occupants. SHU also operates three (3) dormitories for graduate students and an 8-unit apartment-type dormitory intended for married graduate students. Each of these dormitories is provided with laundry and cooking facilities.

During semestral and summer breaks, the dormitories are likewise used to accommodate trainees and other guests of the university.



The SHU responds to the housing needs of students and maintains the implementation of housing rules and regulations, procedures and guidelines for accommodation such as: lodging place assignment, control and requirements for accommodation, rules regarding transients and delinquent residents, and issuance of dormitory clearance.

Dormitory Living

The SHU keeps individual records of students on attitude/behavior in the dormitory in relation with co-residents, proper use and maintenance of dormitory facilities and performance on cleanliness and orderliness of individual assignment.

Guidance Activities

The SHU keeps record of students’ information data, such as room assignment, class schedule, observation and interview notes. The dormitory in-charge refers students to OSA Guidance Counselors when need for counselling and other guidance services arise.

Socio-cultural Activities

The SHU provides and conducts social and cultural activities for the residents, such as acquaintance/get-together party, open house, organization or cultural groups (music, theatre arts, drama, etc.) and dormitory program.

Recreational Activities

The SHU provides for the recreational needs of the students through indoor or outdoor games, tournament and sports festival. In coordination with the RSCU, indoor game materials are provided for the students.

Student Leadership

The SHU organizes a dormitory council to work out and plan the dormitory program of activities every semester.The organized council also sets internal house rules and regulations which do not run counter to the general dormitory rules and regulations.